Our Employees

Experience Counts! Our staff is handpicked and each one goes through at least 3 interviews before being offered a position here…yes, all staff…dishwashers, housekeepers, bookkeepers, etc. EVERYONE. NATIONAL background checks are completed on ALL employees. When you visit, please talk to any one of them and ask them any question on your mind. Check out our “Wall of Fame” to see how many employees have been working here for 2 or more years.

 Samantha Davis, Administrator, Executive Director

Hello, I’m Samantha Davis the Administrator of Lake St Charles.  I have 19 years experience with NHC, and have a tremendous respect for the residents we serve!  I am licensed by the Department of Health & Senior Services as well as I’m a member of the Missouri Assisted Living Association.  You will find that I like to get involved and dig into every aspect of Lake St Charles.  My door is always open, but I may be out and about. I really enjoy the residents and their families.  I also enjoy new ideas, and listening to our customers feedback!  If you are not familiar with our Community, please always know the invitation is open.  I’m so proud of the remarkable staff and overall program we offer here at Lake St Charles.

Scott, Community Coordinator IMG_6500

You’ll talk to me or Kasie when you inquire. Between the two of us, we’ll answer your questions 7 days a week. We know your call is important and we respond accordingly. I’ve been working here for 26 years. And, yes, I do enjoy showing you our community and helping you make the move from a beloved home to an exciting new idea of community living.



 IMG_6499Kasie, Community Coordinator
I have 3 years of experience assisting mature adults with life style changes. It is a privilege to provide information about our community & help you choose an apartment designed for your comfort & convenience.




IMG_6501  IMG_6571

Jody Rudy, Director of Housekeeping

 Jewel Reitz, Director of Maintenance 

 Over 23 years of service. We clean it, we paint it, we fix it. We put the finishing touches on your apartment.





Mary Schmidt, Director of Nursing for Assisted Living

I have over 22 years experience in Nursing, and I am proud to have focused primarily in Elder Care. Being able to do what I am passionate about and being surrounded by loving individuals every day is such a blessing.




Michelle Wilson, Assistant Director of Nursing, Wellness Director

With over 15 years of service. We take care of your nutritional needs as well as your social & medical concerns. We are here to help you age healthily & slowly.




IMG_6572 Debi Hendricks, Director of Food Service
With 9 years of service. She has Country Club experience with more than a pinch of care & concern. We cook, bake, & serve 365 days a year —just for you…start with our fresh home-made soups, add liver & onions, orange roughy, lasagna, pork cutlet, BLT…it’s your choice every day. Top it off with our fresh baked pies, cakes, & cookies.





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 Sarah Mickens,  Assisted Living Recreation

We have 23 years experience providing Independent Living and Assisted Living residents with calendars of events.

We accommodate the variety of interests our residents had or want to develop living here. We enjoy introducing them to new uses of their leisure time whether it’s drumming, bocce ball, dancing,  or just shopping or cooking!




 Trish  Caravelli Director of Bookkeeping

 Lynda Dwyer, Bookkeeper
 Over 33 of  years of service. We’ll cash your checks, sell you stamps, give you rolls of quarters, & answer any of your questions!